Friday, April 23, 2010

How To - Mini Soap Saver!

If you have some yarn, a crochet hook and a few minutes of time, you can make an adorable little gift to tuck into that Mother's Day gift basket you're working on.

Actually, these little cuties make great little gifts for everyone. Make one for your friends, co-workers, teachers, or yourself. Even the guys love them! When I started making these to sell in my Etsy shop, Honcho Hick (my teddy bear hubby) asked me to make one for him. He loves it!

Not only are these mini soap savers adorable, they will save you money by using every last drop of every piece of soap you use. Just toss all those little slivers of soap that you usually throw out into the soap saver and presto!

To make your own mini soap saver, grab some yarn.

You can use any kind of yarn you like but I really adore the 100% cotton yarn. You can get some colors at Wal-Mart but if you have specific colors in mind, you might have to search around your area.

Ok, let's get started...

Chain 11. Hdc in second chain from your hook and continue to hdc in all remaining chains for a total of 10 hdc's. Do not turn.

Now hdc in the back free loop of each of the original chains for a total of another 10 hdc's. Slip st to first hdc. Do not turn. This is the base of your mini soap saver.

Ch 1. Hdc in the back loop of each hdc all the way around again. Slip st to ch 1. Do not turn.

Isn't this fun?

Ch 1. Hdc in both loops of all previous hdc's and continue around without slip stitching each row until you have completed 7 more rows for a total of 8 rows up from your base.

When you are 2 stitches from completing your eigth row, use a sc and then a slip st for your last 2 stitches to decrease and then finish off, leaving a tail to weave in. Weave in tails.

To make the hanging drawstring, ch 37 leaving a long tail on either end. Using a tapestry needle, thread chain through one of the top rows of hdc's. I like to thread it through the 3rd or 4th row from the top. Tie ends together or just tie it in a cute little bow. Trim tails and you are finished!

Quick, easy, and oh so cute!

If you have any questions, or need help, just let me know! :)

You can find my mini soap savers here and here.

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!

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