Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hillbilly Madness!

Now, you know that here in Hick Town, we are all a bunch of Hicks and Hillbillies so I decided to browse around Etsy and see if I could find other hillbillies - turns out, they are everywhere!

And you city slickers better watch out because us hillbillies are infiltrating even large cities across this great nation! :)

Check out these great Etsy Hillbilly Finds:

You can find this great Thank You Card and other crazy fun greeting cards at Grisly Man Graphics - great stuff that's guaranteed to make you smile!

Or how about this "Hillbilly Group Stomp"? Now, that is just adorable! How can you stay glum when looking at this? You can find more great woodworking at the Mountain Brook Store.

This poster says it all! You can find it here or visit Nash Art for more great posters and even matching T-shirts!

And if you love hand carved hillbillies, you will LOVE the Connecticut Carver's Shop! It was hard for me to pick which one I liked the best so you need to head on over there to see them all. This guys name is Ezra - I like his sweet expression! :)

Hope you enjoyed our Hillbilly tribute.



  1. Since I am descended from a long line of hillbillies, I shur am glad to see that the country is finally paying tribute to us! There ain't nuthin better'n hillbilly folk and ain't nuthin purtier than hillbilly country!

  2. You know, if all of the city folk actually knew how wonderful it is out here in the sticks, they'd want to live here, too... Shhhhh... :)

  3. Lord how mercy I love that little card. I'm glad theres other hillbillies out there that are proud of their southern roots like me :)

  4. lol, us hillbillies are everywhere! :)