Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Scent Ideas for your home

I've been so busy working on some new items for my shop that I have totally neglected my blog.

I now have Soy Meltable Tarts in a ton of fragrances:

And yummy Soy Votives:

And be sure to check out my new Aroma Bead Sachets! They are wonderful for your car, closet, dresser drawers, everywhere you want a beautiful scent:

Lot's more going on over at The Hick's Fix including vintage items so y'all come on over and browse around! :)

You can find my shop here!

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finished Sunflower Mosaic

Ok, I have been a VERY bad blogger for the last few months but I'm ready to hop back on the wagon. :)

I finished my sunflower mosaic WIP (see previous post) well before the holidays and everyone seemed to love it. It is the first piece I've actually made for our home (rather than making it to sell) and I really love it. The morning sun just twinkles on the glass and the lamp in the evening really makes it glow.

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope you like it! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newest WIP - A Mosaic For My Home!

Hi friends! You can click on the pics for a closer look! :)

I started this sunflower mosaic at the end of last year to put in my living room. I wanted something bright and cheerful but the more I looked at it, the more I realized it didn't fit into my decor at all.

Well, our decor has changed so I pulled her out yesterday and started laying glass on her again.

Here's a closer look:I made this to hang in a diamond shape because of the wall I'm putting it on.

It's a good sized mosaic, the largest I've done. It measures 35 inches from tip to tip!

I only have the top section to finish before it's time to grout - and I'm hoping that this baby will be grouted, sealed, and hanging on my wall by the end of the week! :)

I'm thinking of using black grout instead of white. I've used it on a couple of other mosaics and I really like the look of it - it kind of gives it a stained glass look.

I'll post more pics when I'm done!

Thanks for taking a minute to look at my latest work! :)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Setting the Mood - Zen Spa Votive Sconces

When I saw this black, white, and grey glass tile, I knew I had to make something beautiful with it.

The result?

A pair of ultra sleek, modern votive sconces or candle holders.

Hang this beautiful pair on your wall or set them on a table or shelf to enjoy the glistening beauty of glass tile that seems to glow from within.

See more pics here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wine Cellar Sign - WIP Now Completed

I posted this carving as a work in progress a few weeks ago and thought you might want to see the finished sign.

After carving, I lightly sanded this piece, painted it with 3 coats of cream milk paint, sanded lightly between each coat, laid an antiquing glaze over the entire piece, and hand rubbed most of the glaze off leaving enough in the crevices to really make the details stand out. I finished by sealing this sign with several coats of matte acrylic sealer.

The milk paint has given this sign a slightly aged and crackled look that is so great!

Hope you like it!

Click here to see more pics of my French Wine Cellar Sign in my Hick's Fix Shop!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)



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Good luck everyone!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Naughty Deer! Nature Calls!

I've wanted to share with you the wonderful aspects of nature that surround those of us who call the rural areas of this nation our home.

Last evening, I actually had my camera with me when this beauty decided to stroll by.

She even decided to look up at me and pose for a great pic!

She knows she is safe here.

Yep, the deer have made themselves quite comfortable around here...

Maybe a little too comfortable??? :)