Saturday, April 24, 2010

After The Rain...

One of the greatest things about Missouri is that after the rain, everything comes alive. The trees are greener, the flowers are more vibrant, the air becomes so crisp and clean it tingles your nose - and the creeks rise up.

The sight and the sounds of the rising, rushing creek in my backyard is a water feature you won’t find at even the most expensive home on earth.

And yet here it is in my little corner of the universe.

God put it here for me to enjoy.

And I am so very thankful!



  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. I am so jealous!! All I have is a ravine that fills up and rushes and cascades only when it rains. Otherwise, it is dry. But that is ok too as it lets me walk down the middle and check out the rocks. Who knows what I will find?

  2. Thanks so much, Gail. I spend a lot of time by the creek - it sounds so great. I look for Indian relics (and mushrooms, of course). There is a really good swimming hole that stays super cold all summer, too. If you click on the pics, you can see a full version. Did you notice all of the daylilies in the first pic? They are everywhere along the bank. :)