Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newest WIP - A Mosaic For My Home!

Hi friends! You can click on the pics for a closer look! :)

I started this sunflower mosaic at the end of last year to put in my living room. I wanted something bright and cheerful but the more I looked at it, the more I realized it didn't fit into my decor at all.

Well, our decor has changed so I pulled her out yesterday and started laying glass on her again.

Here's a closer look:I made this to hang in a diamond shape because of the wall I'm putting it on.

It's a good sized mosaic, the largest I've done. It measures 35 inches from tip to tip!

I only have the top section to finish before it's time to grout - and I'm hoping that this baby will be grouted, sealed, and hanging on my wall by the end of the week! :)

I'm thinking of using black grout instead of white. I've used it on a couple of other mosaics and I really like the look of it - it kind of gives it a stained glass look.

I'll post more pics when I'm done!

Thanks for taking a minute to look at my latest work! :)



  1. Gorgeous! I am like you, I started a mosaic a year ago and it's still waiting on me...it's sunflowers also. I adore sunflowers!Your piece is so gorgeous!

  2. So cool! I am wondering how much it weighs?? You have done a super job on it and I agree with the black grout - that will really make it stand out!

  3. Thanks so much everyone! Gail, it's pretty heavy and it doesn't have the grout on it yet. :) I'm going to have to use the heavy duty hangers that are made for heavier items like mirrors, etc.

  4. Love it! Black grout would make this pop! Looking forward to seeing hanging on your wall.

  5. Beautiful mosaic Debra! I agree with the darker grout!

  6. WOW! What a beautiful mosaic! The colors really pop. You make so many pretty things I'm glad you are keeping this one!